About Us

Centre for Innovation and Sustainable Development is a NGO for working for the aim of sustainable development as per the SDG 2030 of United Nations (UN SDG2030) .

Centre for Innovation and Sustainable Development is a registered NGO with the area of operation whole India except Jammu & Kashmir. CISD is registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 with the representation of great visionaries and professionals. CISD is mainly focusing to accelerate to achieve the SDG of UN by 2030 through various grass-root level interventions. The major area of CISD as follows

SDG 2030

To conduct various activities through the collaboration and convergence of different types of institutions and organisations for achieving the Sustainable Development Goal by 2030. The major SDGs are focusing by CISD, No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Health, Education, Economic Growth and Gender Equality.

Tribal Development

To strengthen the primitive tribal communities through the participatory actions and convergence. Effective lifelong education, conservation of nature, protection of primitive ecosystem and to promote the primitive tribal groups in a sustainable development.

Skill Development

To provide skill development to young peoples and empower them through employment generation.

Participatory School

Inculcate Participatory Rural Appraisal for project implementation and monitoring to Local Self Governments and other Development Departments for promoting transparency and effectiveness in decentralized mode of actions.

Women Development, Youth Development, Natural Resource Management, Rural Technology Promotion etc.. are also promoting by CISD.

“We can come together for a sustainable tomorrow”